Shuttle STS-133 and International Space Station

Sat, 26 Feb 2011 14:09:34 -0600

A hard mate between space shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station was delayed until 3:04 p.m. EST while the relative motions between the two spacecraft dampened out. The station mass, now approximately 1.2 million pounds, with spacecraft, laboratories and robotic components from all the international partners attached at the same time, contributed to an alignment issue between the shuttle and station docking rings. The hard mate between Discovery and station could not be accomplished until the motion stopped and Discovery’s docking ring could be retracted.

Controlled by the STS-133 astronauts inside Discovery’s cabin, the Remote Manipulator System/Orbiter Boom Sensor System (RMS/OBSS) equipped with special cameras, begins to conduct thorough inspections of the shuttle’s thermal tile system on flight day 2.


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