Roberto Vittori’s DAMA mission to Space Station

11 April 2011

The STS-134 crew during simulated launch countdown exercise

ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori (above) is set to fly on the next Space Shuttle mission in late April to deliver the large Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer science payload to the International Space Station. Dedicated web pages have been launched today to spotlight Roberto’s ‘DAMA’ mission.
Roberto is a Mission Specialist on the six-astronaut team flying on the final voyage of Space Shuttle Endeavour. STS-134 is the spaceplane’s penultimate mission, and Roberto will be the last European – and last non-American – to fly on this venerable vehicle.

The launch of Endeavour is planned for 29 April.

The mission will make some of the last deliveries to the Station. The AMS-02 alpha magnetic spectrometer is a state-of-the-art cosmic-ray detector designed to examine fundamental aspects of matter and the origin of the Universe.  

Roberto Vittori and Andrew Feustel
Roberto and Andrew Feustel in simulator training

AMS-02 will not only be the largest and most complex scientific instrument to be installed on the Station, but it is also the largest international collaboration on a single experiment in space.

Endeavour will also deliver the third Express Logistics Carrier, which holds a pair of communication antennas, a high-pressure oxygen tank, an extra ammonia coolant reservoir and a new piece for the two-armed Dextre robot.

Four spacewalks will put everything in place in the last sorties of the Shuttle era.

ESA Space Patches


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