NASA Space Couple in the U.K.

NASA Astronauts visiting the U.K in 2011

 The Space Shuttle, the Space Station and the Future in Space


Friday 17 June – 6pm      Previously titled Endeavour & Discovery

£8 (£6 conc, £1 U18) – Event code : PF02

NASA Astronauts Dr Andrew Thomas & Dr Shannon Walker at Action Stations, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

NASA astronauts, and husband and wife, Dr Andrew Thomas and Dr Shannon Walker will give a presentation about their experiences of life in orbit!  They each have distinguished careers in space flight and on board the International Space Station.  Dr Walker was co-pilot of the Russian spacecraft TMA-19 in 2010, on a mission spanning 163 days with 161 days aboard the International Space Station and is an expert on the Station.  Dr Thomas has been on several missions, the most recent covering 5.8 million miles over 2 weeks and will talk about the Shuttle.  A unique event not to be missed!

Dr Stephen K Robinson is unable to attend.


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