‘Other Worlds’ – Public Astronomy Event – Birmingham

“Other Worlds” will be presented by The University of Birmingham Astronomical Society and the School of Physics and Astronomy

This event will be from 10am-4pm and will be in and around campus, primarily around the Poynting Physics building.

In recent years the number of known exoplanets, planets around other stars, has exploded to over 750, and with the bright future ahead for exoplanet hunters we aim to celebrate the search with our event Other Worlds. The day will feature talks by Dr Ian Stevens about the science behind exoplanet hunting and Dr Samuel George who will talk about the ways we search for life in the universe. Throughout the day there will also be a number of fun hands-on activities including our classic air rocket contests, and many others.

Other Worlds is for people and families of all ages and will run from 10am-4pm on Saturday 10th March. Entrance and all activities are free so please come along and enjoy the day.

For the latest information on the day and for more details, see the event’s website,

Many thanks, and I hope to see you there!

~ Richard Pearson
On behalf of AstroSoc and the School of Physics and Astronomy



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