Tim Peake at the RAL Oxford May 11th 2012

ESA astronaut Timothy Peake, from the United Kingdom, training with the Soyuz simulator in Star City

We attended the evening lecture at the RAL, a standing room only event; a packed house with an audience of all ages. Tim gave a lecture of approximately one hour (it has been recorded and will be available ASAP on the STFC website).

Plenty of space images and a few short video clips interspersed with a well-informed presentation. Tim described being an astronaut as the best job in the world. He is excited with the challenges so far encountered the ones yet to come. His enthusiasm was infectious. He left Houston yesterday to be here today fresh from aquatic adventures.

A great Q&A session with most of the good questions from the younger members of the audience, as well as the recurrent how does one go to the loo in space? (All very English don’t you know).

Its sounds like he’d had a busy day starting at 8.00 a.m. with schools competitions and visits along with the 1.00 p.m. lecture and the one tonight.

Congrats to cS’er Ollie (now a proud Dad to son Connor) with the newborn’s space autograph collection officially started. Rob Synge was also present.

Tim stayed for photo ops, autographs and short conversations with all.

A great evening, thanks Tim and the staff at the RAL/STFC Talking Science Team.




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