Apollo 16 Medallion with space flown metal released by official NASA contractor

Winco the official NASA contractor for lapel pins and space medallions releases ‘Apollo 16’ the latest in the 40th Anniversary of Apollo collection.

The photos do not do them justice.

NASA Apollo 16 medallion with space flown metal

Apollo 16 40th Anniversary Medallion with Space Flown Metal

Superb Collectable Celebrating 40 Years of the Apollo Moonlandings.

APOLLO 40th ANNIVERSARY MEDALLION – Contains metal flown to the moon on Apollo missions!

Historic First! This 1.75″ diameter two-sided Medallion includes Apollo Flown Metal! On one side is the Apollo 16 mission insignia motif ,inscribed on this side is: APOLLO 16 40th ANNIVERSARY – OFFICIAL COMMEMORATIVE – THIS MEDALLION CONTAINS METAL FLOWN TO THE MOON ON APOLLO MISSIONS

On the opposite side is the Apollo 40 Years Logo. Inscribed on this side is: EXPLORING THE MOON, DISCOVERING EARTH – CELEBRATE APOLLO

Considering the real value of this historic medallion, the cost is significantly below what would be expected of a collectible such as this. Dimensionally rendered in nickel/silver. Includes a Circular Presentation Case.

           Two sided Medallion is 1.75″ in diameter

  • Medallion contains Apollo flown metal that went to the moon!
  • A Beautiful Silver / Sandblasted Finish
  • Includes medallion case

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